West African Beads & Jewelry
from the Krobo Region of Ghana

                                                                   The Soul of Somanya Crew 
Top Row Left to Right: Bernard (Director, Ghana), Grace, 
Janet, and Theresa. Bottom  Left to  Right:  Isaac (super-
visor), Mel  (Director, U.S.),  Rose and Solomon.
Soul of Somanya is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Mobile, Alabama. But the real action takes place in a town called Somanya in the Krobo region of Ghana, West Africa, where we are working hard to provide living-wage employment in the field of jewelry-making for young adults in the Krobo region of Ghana.  

Jobs are scarce in Somanya, especially for young people with little education and no skills. Many are forced to migrate into the cities looking for work. There, with heartbreaking frequency, they end up living nightmare lives on the streets, victims of sexual exploitation and other kinds of violence. Their children often end
up abandoned or orphaned. 
When you buy our products, you provide a market for the goods that these talented young people create. This, in turn, allows us to keep them working at a steady living wage. 

We appreciate your support!

Arkuh Bernard Tettey, Director
Soul of Somanya, Ghana


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